Photographer Captures How A Lake Thaws And The Sound It Causes Is Incredible (VIDEO)

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Via Instagram, a video that shows how a glacier lake melts in the United States, went viral by leaving thousands of users impacted by the images of the pieces of ice impacting rocks.

Amazing nature. A photographer was able to immortalize in a viral recording the interesting phenomenon that occurs when the temperature rises and the frozen lakes become warmer. The video, posted on Instagram, shows thousands of pieces of ice crashing into the shore as the lake regains its current. The sound that causes what appear to be large pieces of glass.

The amazing images ended up becoming a trend not only on social platforms in the United States, but thousands of users in Mexico and Spain were also overwhelmed by the amazing find.

Ken Greshowak is a photographer from Minnesota, United States, whose passion is winter. His Instagram account is full of beautiful snapshots that demonstrate the beauty of winter in the northern region of the North American country.

However, he never expected to run into the possibility of portraying the change of season in his country. Looking at Lake Superior in Duluth, a city of the same state, he could see how the body of water, previously frozen, initiated the thawing process.

As you can see in the viral video, the lake is splitting into different pieces of ice that resemble glass and these are crashing against the shore as the lake, more and more liquid, is slowly rocking.

The panorama gives the impression that a large mirror had broken. Hundreds of pieces of broken ice pile up on the shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota as the country sets aside winter to make way for spring to arrive.

Watch the viral Instagram video below …


Source: La Republica