The Ultimate Test That Prepares Lifeguards For “El Paso del Hombre” The Red Cross Water Marathon

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This Sunday morning the Salvadoran Red Cross organized the 56th edition of the “Paso del Hombre”, in the port of La Libertad. Voluntary swimmers preparing to serve as lifeguards for the 2019 holiday periods are tested. 

This Sunday morning, Salvadoran volunteer lifeguards were put to the test by swimming 21 kilometers offshore to prove that they are ready to attend emergencies during the Easter holidays, Augustine Holidays and New Year’s Eve in El Salvador. 

“El Paso del Hombre” is the aquatic marathon that measures the lifeguard’s physical capacity and endurance, and this year the event was named in honor of Tulio Linares Elias, who is a volunteer at the Chalchuapa Section, Santa Ana, 39 of service as a voluntary lifeguard. 

21 swimmers from the Naval Force, nine from the Military School, 15 athletes from the Honduran Red Cross and 250 Red Cross lifeguards went into the water in the race. All were divided into three groups: rookies, experts and experienced. 

To reach this Sunday, all participants have already proven their effectiveness with the Cooper Test, where they have swum 3 thousand meters in an hour inside an Olympic pool. 

Source: La Prensa Grafica