They See Two Eagles Torturing A Bat Against The Ocean (VIDEO)

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You will not believe it. Thousands on Youtube were shocked, after watching a viral video that shows two eagles torturing a bat that was thrown several times against the ocean water.

Two eagles shocked thousands of people on Youtube, after appearing in a viral video torturing a poor fruit bat, which they threw against the ocean. It is unknown why birds had this behaviour; However, experts say it could be a new form of hunting that involves depleting the victim. The event was recorded on a beach in Malaysia and thanks to social networks it became a trend in Canada, the United States, Mexico, among other countries in the world. 

According to Gizmodo, the images that went viral on Youtube were recorded by Sheema Abdul Aziz, an ecologist who works for the Rimba research group, who was with his colleagues on the island of Tioman on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

According to the publication, Abdul Aziz and his colleagues witnessed how an eagle entered a bat colony to take one of them. The researchers followed the bird and noticed that it had the nocturnal mammal in its claws and carried it in the direction of the sea.

“The three of us were completely stunned, and also paralyzed for a few seconds, watching the eagle fly to the sea carrying the bat, which was fighting,” said Aziz

Investigators quickly reached the sea and watched the eagle throw the bat into the sea, while a second eagle circled very close. The victim swam slowly to return to the shore, however, another bird would pick it up and throw it back into the ocean.

As you can see in the images, which have thousands of reproductions on Youtube, the bat swam back towards the shore and this time it was able to set foot on the mainland. To his bad luck, the second of the eagles took him and took him to the sea for the third time.

“I think we all knew at the time that we had a scientific article in our hands,” says Aziz, whose observations were recently published in the Journal of Bat Research & Conservation.

Although the researchers did not see if the fruit bat was killed or eaten, they believe it could be an ingenious way of hunting, since these flying mammals are quite large and strong, so getting them tired would make them an easy prey. We leave you with the viral video posted on Youtube.


Source: La Republica