She Opens A Coca Cola Under The Ocean And You Won’t Believe What Happens (VIDEO)

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Via Facebook it became viral the moment a diver opened a Coca Cola to take it under the pressure of the water and took an incredible surprise.

You will not believe it! Through Youtube, a video has been shared that has gone viral and has surprised thousands of people, as it shows the exact moment when a female diver performs an underwater experiment. The woman went to the deepest part of the ocean and uncovered a Coca Cola, without foreshadowing what would happen to her when she had contact with the water. The curious fact quickly became a trend in various social networks, especially in countries such as Mexico, the United States and Canada.

This is not the first time the protagonist of the viral video from Youtube broadcasts a video through her account Onebreathbeth. The woman generated thousands of Internet users are left with their mouths open by the experiment with the soft drink.

As you can see in the first seconds of the viral video of Youtube, the diver uncovered a Coca Cola and when trying to drink it, she realized that the drink had been compressed by the pressure of the water. It was for this reason that she used a sorbet.

Thousands of users who follow the woman’s account on Facebook and Instagram were impressed to see the result of the video that has been viralized on various social networks .

“It’s funny everything that happens underwater,” “Each of your videos has a different surprise and that’s very interesting,” “I have to try Coca Cola under the sea,” were some of the comments written by the users, after seeing the viral on Facebook .

Watch the viral Youtube video below …



Source: La Republica