Surfer Relizes He Was Surrounded In Shark-Infested Water After Watching Drone Recording (VIDEO)

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The New Smyrna beach is known as the ‘shark attack world capital’ due to the usual presence of sharks.

On the beach of New Smyrna, in Florida (USA), a surfer noticed the impressive amount of sharks on the beach where he was swimming after getting an aerial shot with a drone, reports WPTV.

The video, posted on his Instagram account by surfer Jeremy Johnston, shows more than a dozen blacktip sharks swimming near the shore. This species of shark is quite common in New Smyrna, to the point that the beach is known as ‘the shark attack world capital’.

As the man explains in the publication, he only surfed for  a few minutes due to the fear that the presence of sharks raised, so he decided to return to the sand and film the beach with his drone.

“The last few days have been interesting. Yesterday I was on the beach for 20 minutes and, afraid of swimming alone, I  surfed for 10 minutes. This was filmed today, and now you can see why I was so afraid of swimming alone!” the publication

After the video became viral, with more than  13,000 views , Johnston published Thursday other images in which, supposedly, it appears surfing “on sharks.”

“Since you loved the shark video and it became viral in all the media, here I am surfing on the sharks in Tuesday’s frenzy,” Johnston wrote. 

Watch the Instagram and Twitter videos below …


Source: ActualidadRT