It Suddenly Emerges From The Water To Attack Luxurious Yacht And Leaves Its Teeth Marks (VIDEO)

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Via YouTube, a marine biologist shared the terrifying scene that happened when he was conducting a shark investigation on the New Zealand coast.

A marine biologist and his companions spread on YouTube the moments of terror they experienced during a cruise on the shores of New Zealand, when a shark approached its yacht dangerously.

The curious episode was recorded on video by an underwater photography director in New Zealand, who accompanied the biologist and the people in his boat. He managed to catch the creepy shark bite; After that, he did not hesitate to share it on the networks.

In the images, which already have more than 59,000 views on YouTube, you can see the precise moment when the shark emerges from the water and bites the edge of the luxurious yacht where the marine biologist and his companions went.

As seen in the clip viral on YouTube, the man who is recording the screams scene horrified at the sight of the lit shark in the boat with his jaws, so the animal gets scared and away from the boat re-entering the water.

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, Riley Elliot was investigating in the area to carry out his doctoral thesis when that ship attacked that vessel valued at several million dollars.

“Afterwards, the predator began to circle around the ship and Elliott jumped into the water to closely observe its behaviour,” said the author of the shocking images, which were shared by Cater Clips, through his YouTube channel.

A specimen of a mako shark, which was the one that attacked the boat, can measure between 3.5 and 4 meters, weigh from 400 to 750 kilograms and are considered as the fastest sharks in the ocean, as they move up to 74 kilometers per hour.

Watch the viral Youtube below …


Source: La Republica