An Arctic Night Is Illuminated With The ‘Kiss’ Of Two Nuclear Icebreakers (VIDEO)

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A Russian drone captures how both ships dock their bows and anchor in parallel with all their lights on.A quadcopter of the Atomic Energy Agency of Russia (Rosatom) filmed how those responsible for the nuclear icebreakers Taimyr and Vaigach approached these vessels until they almost touched somewhere in the Arctic Ocean.

Some Russian media stressed that this ‘kiss’ that took place some night this winter was spectacular due to the lighting of both ships, built in the 80s as a result of cooperation between the USSR and Finland.

During this coupling, both vessels of more than 150 meters in length first approached the bows together and then anchored in parallel.

These icebreakers and others of their kind make their way to other ships through the floating or united ice found on the Northern Maritime Route

Watch the YouTube video below …


Source: ActualidadRT