Nerve Racking Moment As She Risks Her Life By Posing On The Edge Of Cliff Over 800 Meters High [VIDEO]

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Through Facebook, the exact moment in which the reckless woman climbed onto the huge rock was revealed so that she could have the best picture beside a cliff.

A recent Instagram video has gone viral in a short time after revealing the reckless action that a young traveller did to get the best picture for her social networks. As revealed in this shocking clip, the woman climbed a huge rock that was 800 meters high on a cliff to immortalize the moment in a photograph.

The event was recorded in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil , and quickly became a trend in Spain, Mexico and the United States. According to the details of the Facebook post, the event occurred in Pedra da Gávea, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The video records the moment when the daring woman sat on the edge of the monolith that overlooks the city and the beach at an inclined angle.

In the images you can see the moment when the protagonist of the clip is closer to the edge of the rock at the request of the author of the Instagram video. Thousands of Internet users from Mexico, the United States, Canada and other countries were terrified to see the tourist on the edge of the precipice.

“Although the video has a unique aesthetic sense, it is not worth risking life for that,” “I could not achieve a similar photo because I do want to live longer”, are some of the comments that are read on Instagram after the publication That has put the creeps to the users.

It should be noted that this is not the first time a tourist risks their life to take a snapshot never seen before, as happened with this woman, who sat on the edge of a rock more than 800 meters in Brazil.

On Instagram, user Thaleswill shared the video of the woman sitting in Pedra da Gávea. Below we share the viral video so you can observe the moment when the young woman gets closer to the edge, putting her life at great risk.


Source: La Republica