At Least 7 Horses Were Saved From Dying When They Fell Through The Ice (VIDEO)

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A great rescue of horses occurred in Russia, as the animals fell on an ice floe. The unusual moment was shared by a Russian farmer on Instagram. The incident occurred on Monday, February 17.

Seven men in Russia staged a great act of solidarity, as they risked their own lives to rescue more than half a dozen horses that accidentally fell through the ice while they looked for water to drink.

“The unstable winter weather conditions were a consequence of this situation. The horses entered the ice by habit, thinking that the ice was half a meter high, ”wrote a Russian farmer who shared the video on Instagram.

In the video, which lasts almost 9 minutes, you can see how the brave men of Russia, develop a strategy to rescue the horses with ropes.

They even use a crane truck, because they know that animals are at risk of drowning and freezing. There were many factors besides the time that played against them.

Apparently the extreme winter weather, the weight of the horses and the risk of drowning along with them did not matter to these citizens of Russia in order to rescue all the horses.

“Thank God everything went well, they got all of them out, because they acted promptly,” said the Russian farmer on Instagram. During these months, Russia experiences an intense winter, so much so that the minimum temperatures reach -13 C °.

Watch the Viral Instagram video below …


Source: El Popular