They Denounce That Trawlers Kill Sharks With Machetes In Mallorca (WARNING SENSITIVE VIDEO)

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Days after denouncing through a video the situation of the water in some points of the Island due to the spills, the environmental group Mallorca Blue has published a new recording. On this occasion, the entity – which last summer warned of the consequences of mass tourism and the unfortunate state of some Palmesan torrents – warns that trawlers fish to later dispose of harmless sharks from the depths.

Another harmless shark from the depths killed by machete on a trawler in Mallorca. They destroy bottom habitats, it is a non-selective or sustainable fishery, protected and subsidized by our administrations. Nobody sees it, only the reeds float, ”they explain from Mallorca Blue.

A specimen of gray canebota

In the video published by Mallorca Blue, which has been disseminated through the association’s profiles on the Twitter and Facebook networks, there is the body of a specimen of gray reeds (Hexanchus griseus) with a deep dorsal cut that, it seems, It would be the cause of his death.

As explained by the environmental entity, the boats machete these specimens, harmless but large, when they approach the deck of the ship.

The spill alert

Mallorca Blue published this Saturday a video in which it denounces the bad state of the water in several points of the Island due to the discharges of sewage.

In the recording, an emissary of the collective shows in the video the state of the water in the emissary of the Bay of Sóller, right in the place where they are discharged into the sewage that comes from the purification plant of the locality.

The complaints of torrents

On Monday, August 12, 2019, the platform publicly denounced the alarming situation of the torrents of Palma through a video that was disseminated through its social networks, in which they stressed that  «the plastics will come out in the next heavy rains at sea ​​» . In addition, they pointed to ” deliberate spills (workshops and construction pirates), dirt from settlements, lack of cleanliness in polygons and torrents, lack of confinement in ships and banks ,” as the culprits.

Just two weeks later, the entity warned of the presence of spills and waste from  “pirate workshops ” in Torrent de na Bàrbara, in Palma, three kilometers from the sea. A complaint that Libera and SEO-Virot joined. Both entities, together with Ecoembes, warned of the accumulation of waste in the torrents of Palma and requested (successfully) administrations to prevent them from reaching the sea.

Portals, as an example of tourist saturation 

At the end of September of last 2019, Mallorca Blue published another video to denounce several points of the Mallorcan coast where  «bathers are confined in reduced bathing ghettos.

The recording gives the example of Portals Vells, noting that 3,000 bathers occupy 10% of the cove while 80 boats, 90% of the cove.  In addition, environmentalists remember that boats start the posidonia.

Watch the Viral Facebook Video below (WARNING SENSITIVE IMAGES)


Source: Mallorca Confidencial