Adventurous Feline Who Enjoys Mountain Getaways To Kayaking, Paddle Boating, Hike And Ski (VIDEO)

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Without fear of getting his long white fur dirty or wet. Gary is a 5-year-old cat who softens the world of social networks for his reckless and adventurous attitude that leads him to climb mountains, sleep repeatedly in tents in the middle of forests or take kayaking trips.

This feline, always accompanied by its owner, James Eastham, 30, considers all these adventures as his own and enjoys making them accompanied, since if the roads are very difficult for a pet like him, he can ride on his owner.

‘Gary’ was adopted as a kitten and accompanied James from an early age to his rowing activities and also the mountain walks in the United States. As the owner pointed out, this kitten enjoys and shows his happiness when he is away from home doing things that are not cats.

“What Gary enjoys most is the rowing outings. This winter I hope to take him around the country for skiing or for him to take ski lessons if he can,” said Estham.

“Recently, ‘Gary’ has deciphered how to follow paths, which has made the walks much easier. Now, instead of exploring what he wants, follow the path we all take, ” explains the adventurous owner.

This cat is a daredevil adventurer sui generis who is not afraid to experiment with aggressive spaces, steep snowfall or mighty rivers. Currently, his popularity on Instagram and YouTube is interpreted in the more than 178 thousand followers he has.

Watch the Youtube video below …


Source: Mag el Comercio