Octopus And Shark In A Brutal Battle Where Intelligence Wins By Force (VIDEO)

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A tremendous fight between an octopus and a shark was posted on YouTube, surprising many users around the world.

In the animal kingdom we see how it is that carnivores feed on certain living beings in the crudest way possible, being few times in which the prey usually escape a certain death and such is the case of these marine animals that faced in a brutal battle that ended up resolving in an epic and unexpected way.

It happens that a YouTube video, which was shared on the Discovery Channel, shows us the precise moment in which an Alitan shark

(Scyliorhinus stellaris) engages in one of the most brutal fights ever recorded before an octopus that was calm resting in a small hole.

At the bottom of the sea, there are many rocks in which animals are hidden under the shadows, such is the case of an octopus that was resting until from one moment to the next, an Alitan shark appeared to interrupt its lethargy.

Recall that the shark alitan, despite having a very tough skin, also has a very small size compared to his brothers of another lineage so this can enter very small places, this is how he entered the octopus dwelling and start the battle.

The shark bit the octopus and began to circle; however, the octopus did not release him and instead of being disturbed, he put his tentacles between his gills to the hunter and left him breathless, this is how he releases and leaves.

However, the thing would not be there since the shark was still stalking so the octopus does something very intelligent and it is that it is hidden in some seashells to confuse the carnivore but its smell is so acute that it discovers the octopus but when it attacks, This comes out quickly, leaving the shark confused of the blow that was given.

Watch the Youtube video below …


Source: Mag el Comercio