A Kayaker Challenges Death In His Epic Descent Down A Monster Of A Waterfall In Chile (VIDEOS)

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The athlete, who suffers from a serious hearing impairment, managed to complete the second highest descent ever recorded and fulfill what his dream had been for years.

Dane Jackson, an American whitewater kayaker, has managed to conquer the Salto del Maule waterfall, about 40 meters high, in Chile.

The images he posted on his Instagram show him approaching the edge of the waterfall and then disappearing into the white foam of the water.

Jackson, 26, is considered one of the best whitewater kayakers in the world. He now holds the world record for the second highest descent of this type, surpassed only by another American kayaker, Tyler Bradt, who managed in 2009 to complete a 57-meter descent at Palouse Falls, in southeastern Washington state. 

“I have been waiting to make this waterfall for so long that I was nervous, (…) but I had been waiting to experience it for five years … I was willing to accept any risk because it was a fall I wanted to experience, and  every second has been worth the shame, “Jackson told The New York Times.

“When it becomes an obsession actually”, he wrote  in his Instagram, where he also shared a video from its descent impressive filmed by a camera installed in his helmet.

The athlete has serious hearing difficulties, but ensures that his condition does not affect his performance. “There are no disadvantages in being deaf in the kayak. There is an advantage because I can read the lips from the other side of the river, which is useful if you are trying to get information about something to come,” he confessed.



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134 feet of pure glory.. | 📹- @flowmotionaerials | | #greatestshotever #saltomaule #fpv #firstdescent #gopro @novusselect

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The greatest view I have ever gotten to experience. | #saltomaule #stareitdown #glorious #gopro

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