It Lunges Out Of The Ocean And Scares Surfers Who Were Lying On Their Boards [VIDEO]

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One of the surfers who appears in the YouTube viral video was captured in a fun scene when he ran into the sea creature.

Unexpected final. The viral YouTube video impacted thousands of users from different parts of the world, due to the unexpected reaction of a group of surfers training on Namibia beach in Africa. The filming that has become a trending topic in various social networks shows the moment when a seal emerged from the sea a few centimeters away from the athletes.

Through the ViralHog YouTube account, the curious video that has generated various reactions from users in Mexico, the United States, Canada and others, was disseminated due to the unexpected appearance of a seal in a southern African country.

According to the details in the YouTube post, this recent viral video was recorded by a swimmer, when a group of surfers were swimming near where the waves are born. The animal left the sea a few centimeters from the athlete named Craig.

The person who recorded the viral video shared on ViraHog on YouTube mentioned that he began recording when he realized that dozens of seals were swimming when surfers performed their stunts in the sea. He added that it was accidental that he managed to capture the comic jump made by one of the animals.

Currently, the YouTube publication has more than 10,000 views and dozens of comments from Internet users in Canada and the United States. Below, you can appreciate the viral Youtube video that made thousands of people laugh.


Source: La Republica