He Loses His Protective Layer During Devastating Forest Fire See How A 3D Printer Saves Him (VIDEO)

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The video that was shared on Youtube shows the 3D shell that was designed so that a turtle can live.

Truly amazing. The viral video of Youtube has moved thousands of Internet users, as it shows the new aspect of ‘Freddy’, a turtle that lost its shell and received a 3D printed one, which was created by a group of surgeons and veterinarians in Brazil. The history of the reptile became a trend in various social networks, especially in countries such as Mexico, the United States and Canada.

This is Freddy, the first turtle with a 3D printed shell, after a forest fire in Brazil lost 80% of its protective layer.

Thousands of Youtube users were amazed to see the shell designed by the group of Brazilian researchers. The great detail of the reptile layer is that it was hand painted by experts.

The story of the turtle that lost its shell in a fire is 2016; however, Youtube have republished the viral of the reptile, which has moved more than one in social networks.

As you can see in the images spread on Youtube, the turtle wore the ingenious 3D shell, demonstrating not only that he felt comfortable with it, but that it was also useful to camouflage himself.

Watch the viral Youtube video below, which shows the evolution of the shell that a group of researchers and veterinarians designed for the turtle that lost an important part of its body.


Source: La Republica