They Offered A Reward To Free A Crocodile And No One Has Come Forward To Help Him (VIDEO)

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The authorities offered a prize in money to anyone who was brave enough to take a tire off the animal and not harm him.

Authorities in Palu, capital of Central Sulawesi, in Indonesia, said that no applicant showed up to take on the challenge of removing the motorcycle tire that has this four-meter (13-foot) crocodile has stuck around its neck.

The contest was launched last January, but made headlines a few days ago when an economic reward was offered.

The local conservation agency gave few details about the prize, or how the dangerous task could be done, but his boss said the money would come out of his own pocket.

Conservationists, who fear that the crocodile is slowly strangled, have been trying and failing for years in the formula to untangle the beast.

Rumors circulated that a popular character, Panji the Explorer, the Indonesian version of the “crocodile hunter”, was eager for another opportunity after a failed attempt two years ago.

Authorities said a team from the Environment Ministry will redouble efforts to free the crocodile from its rubber domain.

“The contest has been canceled,” said Hasmuni Hasmar, director of the Central Agency for Natural Resources Conservation at Sulawesi.

“But now we have the support of the Ministry and government experts to help us.”

Watch the viral Youtube video below …


Source: Noticias CaracolTV