Orangutan Helps A Man Caught In A River Full Of Snakes (VIDEO & PHOTOS)

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A photographer shared on Youtube the moving moment when the great ape sympathizes with the subject who was looking for snakes in a muddy river.

Thousands of Youtube users were moved to see the unusual reaction that an orangutan had when it came across a man who was trapped inside a muddy river invaded by snakes. These images have been captured by a professional photographer who was doing safari in Indonesia. Learn more details, reading the note.

According to the details in Youtube‘s Upsocl post, the photographs were taken by Anil Prabhakar, a tourist, in Indonesia, who was doing safari with his friends.

As can be seen in the images that have gone around the world, man tries to take snakes out of the orangutan’s habitat when he ended up stuck in the dangerous river. The ape, noticing this scene, did not hesitate to help.

The reaction of the primate has caused great admiration in thousands of users of Youtube and other social networks, who did not miss this moment to mention that ‘the apes are intelligent beings’.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the photos were taken in a protected area of ​​a conservation forest, in Borneo, within a dangerous river where a man was trapped for snakes.

The subject that appears in the snapshot said he was not looking for snakes to hunt them, but to protect the orangutans. To see the viral video of Youtube, watch the video below …


Source: La Republica