The Titanic Was Hit By A British Submarine And They Hid The Accident (VIDEO)

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The Titanic was hit by a British submarine and hid the accident. – The Titanic was “crashed” by a British submarine and hid the accident.- In a fact that did not transcend until now, the remains of the Titanic, the famous ocean liner that sank in 1912, they were hit in July last year by a submarine of a British company. The expedition was known worldwide, but the accident only transcended until January of this year. The British newspaper The Telegraph says that the US Government He hid the information even though he had it from the beginning.

The expedition leader, Rob McCallum, told reporters that the next-generation “Triton” submersible collided with the Titanic in July when “intense and highly unpredictable currents” caused the pilot to lose control. However, he noted that the damages were minor.

“We tried to stay away from the Titanic, but we had to approach to deposit two scientific samples. We accidentally made contact once while we were near the starboard hull gap, a large part of the hull that stands out” he said.

Newcastle University scientists were part of the team that integrated the first immersion in the Titanic in almost 15 years, and was organized by EYOS Expeditions, an adventure company based in the Isle of Man.

The expedition had a massive diffusion after his return, revealing that the bathtub of the famous captain, Edward Smith, had disappeared into the remains of the ocean liner.

Data on the accident occur in a context in which the RMS Titanic Inc company will ask a judge for permission to recover hidden precious objects inside the Titanic. Although the company invokes legal rights to take that action, its plan contrasts with the interests of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the meteorological agency of the US government, which has jurisdiction over the seabed.

Thus, RMS Titanic Inc will make a presentation before the Easten Virginia District Court, stating that the US government meteorological agency. He was aware of what happened with the British submarine, since an observer of that body was on board the surface ship at the time of the accident and it took more than five months to admit the collision in an official report.

Those responsible for the company demand that the US agency provide the videos of the event and requires that “the reasons why the Court and RMS were not informed before, as well as the cause and effect of the collisions” be explained.

For its part, a NOAA spokesman said they learned about the accident once they agreed to the report of the company organizing the expedition and said they reminded the company that they should provide a copy of the report to the Court and RMS, which they did until just January 8, 2020.


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