Fishermen Robbed Of Everything By Pirates Reunited With Their Relatives After Eight Days At Sea

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The six Emerald fishermen arrived at the Artisanal Fishing Port of Esmeraldas, who for eight days drifted offshore because of the crime that stripped them of their canoes, engines and other belongings leaving them to their fate.

Their relatives received them excited and happy to have them back in their homes, who thought they would suffer the same fate of dozens of fishermen who went out to earn their bread for their family and never returned. His return came on February 5 at night.

The fishermen who returned in good health to their homes are: Gilberto Rengifo Ibarra, Duma Angulo Cagua, Luis Angulo Mosquera, Vicente Gonzabay Villón, Gonzalo Cruz Menéndez and Luis Maita Alvarado.

Rescued in Colombia

Roddy Cedeño, also a fisherman, during the reception to his companions, said that the return is owed to Carlos Rodríguez, owner of one of the stolen vessels, who made the arrangements in Colombia to bring them back.

For his part, Carlos Rodríguez, owner of one of the canoes that were stolen by pirates, urged the authorities of the National Police and Captaincy of the Port to work together so that those lives that work at sea have support and do not continue to be victims of the crime that has killed many lives.

“Thank God we are alive, it is a tragedy that happened to us and I do not wish it on anyone,” said Luis Maita, one of the rescued fishermen, who is the second time it is his turn to live something like that. The first time he was in a motorboat and he was robbed 40 miles, drifting three days and four nights.

During those days they were without water to drink and without food. The little water they had shared it between the six, they just soaked their lips so as not to waste it all.

They ate turtle

Even, he said, they cooked a pound of rice and ate only one tablespoon each to survive. In that circumstance they were approached by a turtle that killed her and ate the meat, only with salt.

Then they run out of water and it didn’t rain to be able to collect, so in the face of despair everyone began to pray, to beg the Almighty God to send them water and had an answer for what it rained one night, collecting water to drink and bathe , storing it in a plastic.

Vicente Gonzabay Villón, 67, another of the rescued, was happy because his relatives received him with a serenade, hugs and kisses, adding that he has risen because a fisherman who is caught by pirates the high seas never returns.

Vanessa Gonzabay, Vicente’s daughter, said that while her father did not appear, they did not sleep or eat, but now they have the joy of having him at home as a family, for which he thanked God for having heard his pleas.

Fishermen Robbed Of Everything By Pirates Reunited With Their Relatives After Eight Days At Sea

RETURNED: The six fishermen who were missing at sea were emotionally received by their relatives and companions.


Eight days they remained missing at sea.


They were rescued adrift on February 1 by civilians from Buenaventura, Colombia.


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