Divers Swim Up Close With Mother And Baby And Record It All (VIDEO)

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Via Facebook, the moment the cetacean is fixed in the presence of tourists went viral and surprises them with a moving behaviour

A group of divers shared on Facebook and YouTube the incredible experience they had when they visited an island in the kingdom of Tonga, a Polynesian kingdom of more than 170 islands in the South Pacific, where thousands of humpback whales live. Precisely, one of these species surprised them with a curious behaviour, when they approached slowly towards this, and did not hesitate to record the scene to share it in networks.

The unique episode was recorded on video , and has attracted the attention of thousands of users on the networks, due to the peculiar behaviour of the whale mother, the protagonist of the clip, when he noticed the presence of tourists.

In the images, which already have thousands of views on Facebook and YouTube, some divers are recorded recording the movements of the humpback whale. However, when the cetacean realizes their presence, it surprises them with an untimely behaviour that leaves them amazed.

And, as seen in the clip viral on Facebook, the animals not only did some pirouettes in front of the cameras to show tourists, but approached his kid two weeks old, as we read in the description of the video, and he began to swim and play with him in front of the cameras of the divers, who kept filming the impressive scene.

As expected, the images soon went viral on the networks, generating various reactions and comments from Facebook and YouTube users, who shared the images, highlighting the behaviour of the humpback whale, indicating that these animals are extremely intelligent and sophisticated, and very curious about humans, whom they usually approach without representing any danger.

Watch the viral video:



Source: La Republica