They Found A Two-Headed Dolphin Laying On The Ocean Shore In Turkey (PHOTOS)

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A two-headed dolphin was found in Turkey with an amazing genetic malformation.

Nature is impressive, because on more than one occasion it has left us speechless with the impressive abilities and even genetic mutations of some animals to adapt to their environments.

Just a few days ago, Axolotl became the star of the networks when scientists managed to detect the genes that allow them to regenerate their limbs at will, so this could be a great step for medicine.

Despite this, a totally unusual and never before seen finding took place on a beach in Turkey, where the body of a dolphin was found, which had an impressive genetic malformation.

Two-headed dolphin found

The animals two heads are not new, because in more than one occasion we have seen many findings of these specimens, mainly in reptiles such as turtles and snakes, being so common and so are pets of thousands of people.

It is said that this type of malformations is more susceptible in reptiles by its method of gestation, but this is one of the few times this malformation is seen in a mammal, especially in a marine one.

This dolphin has made a great impression among the scientific community, because despite being born with two heads, he managed to survive for a season, which generated thousands of questions about how he managed to fend for himself.

The dolphin was almost an adult

The finding took place on the shores of Izmir Beach in Turkey, where people passing through the place noticed a corpse that had reached the shore, thinking it was a shark or a small whale.

The strange thing is that it is speculated that the dolphin was about a year old, almost a meter long, had one head over the other, with eyes only on one head, which were not completely open.

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Source: La Verdad Noticias