He Attempts To Do A Good Thing By Saving A Turtle But Ends Up At The Right Place At The Wrong Time (VIDEO)

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Via Facebook the man released the tiny turtle into the water to return it to its habitat, but ended up condemning it.

A video was published on Facebook that has gone viral and shocked thousands of users, because it reveals the moment when a young man tries to return a baby sea turtle to the ocean, without imagining that everything would end in the worst way. The unusual fact quickly became a trend in different social networks.

A guy found the small reptile far from its habitat, so he decided to pick it up to save his life, however, nothing would end as he had planned. A friend of his was recording the good deed and then shared it on Facebook.

In the first seconds of the video that went viral you can see how the young man holds in one of his hands a small plastic container, in which the helpless turtle is. Instantly, he bends down and places the container very close to the water so that the turtle can get out slowly and enter the water.

When he finally manages to put the animal in the water, a fish appears from the depths and a huge bite ends up devouring it completely, before the astonished gaze of both men.

This curious clip went viral after being shared on Facebook and has obtained thousands of views in a matter of hours, generating all kinds of reactions and comments among a large number of Internet users.

Some of the prominent comments of the video shared on Facebook were: “How are you? He tried to save the turtle and ended up condemning it to death,” ” The young man wanted to do something good, but ended up ruining everything,” ” Poor turtle, he just wanted to go back to his home and was devoured, “among others.

Watch the viral video of Facebook below …


Source: La Republica