Undocumented Migrants Tried To Cross The Sea To California, Ends In Tragedy

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The victim was travelling with six other migrants in a small boat that overturned off the shores of Imperial Beach, in San Diego. Authorities believe that the migrant died due to high waves and low temperatures recorded during the early hours of Monday.

LOS ANGELES, California. – The risky method of crossing undocumented aboard rudimentary boats across the California Sea adds another victim: a 62-year-old Mexican died Monday morning after the sinking of the boat in which he was travelling. Another migrant is serious in a hospital.

The Office of Customs and Border Control (CBP) believes that this death was due to the unusually high waves and the low temperatures that were recorded when the ship was wrecked. In total, seven undocumented people were travelling in the boat off the coast of Imperial Beach, in San Diego County. The injured migrant has only been identified by the authorities as a 44-year-old Mexican.

“We are sad for the loss of a life,” said Border Patrol Chief (USBP) in the San Diego sector, Aaron M. Heitke. “Human trafficking puts its victims in dangerous and harsh conditions, and maritime traffic is especially dangerous, as we saw in this incident,” the official added.

According to reports, this boat was seen by the authorities when it was heading north of San Diego County around 2:30 am on Monday. Once federal agents came to the place they saw that the boat had overturned due to the aggressive waves. On the ground, the officers assisted the two migrants who were in critical condition, providing cardiopulmonary resuscitation until paramedics arrived.

Both were transported to a local hospital, where a 62-year-old Mexican was pronounced dead as soon as he arrived at the medical center. His identity was not revealed. The other Mexican is very serious and “is being treated for life-threatening injuries,” Border Patrol said in a statement.

Undocumented Migrants Tried To Cross The Sea To California, Ends In Tragedy


Source: Univision