The Beach Suddenly Began To Sink Into The Ocean, Leaving Tourists Visiting The Area Speechless (VIDEO)

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The authorities alerted the tourists so that they do not approach while the phenomenon called high tide lasted. 

Part of the Marinero beach, located in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca (Mexico), sank suddenly, alerting the people who were in the place. The incident was recorded on video from various angles by several tourists.

It was announced that what happened was due to the high tide phenomenon, which occurs when the water reaches its maximum height within the tidal cycle. This is presented on a regular basis due to the gravitational changes between the Moon and the Sun, as reported by the authorities of Monitoring and Preventive Alerting to Notimex TV. 

“It is regularly presented in periods of every six hours. However, sometimes they occur in extraordinary events. It is not a phenomenon that causes alarm. All necessary precautions must be taken, especially people who inhabit or carry out activities on the coast” said Cutberto Ruiz Jarquín, head of the Department of Monitoring and Preventive Alerting of the State Coordination of Civil Protection of Oaxaca (CEPCO).

“It is not a phenomenon that causes alarm but all necessary precautions must be taken,” the official added.

The authorities indicated that high tide will decrease with the passing of days.


Source: Mag el Comercio