Fishermen Find A Yacht In The Middle Of The Sea They Go Aboard And Get The Fright Of Their Lives (VIDEO)

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The men found the boat in the Philippine ocean, approximately 65 kilometers from the city of Barobo.

You’ll be surprised. It seemed to be the perfect boat to travel around the world, but inside it was a disturbing find that left the fishermen who found the boat adrift in the middle of the Southeast Asian waters, approximately 65 kilometers from Barobo. The story was published on social networks and became a trend.

Christopher Rivas was fishing with a friend when they saw the yacht. That is how they decided to approach when they didn’t see any movement on the deck. They entered and noticed that everything was scrambled: scattered photos, clothes on the floor and cans of food everywhere. 

Shortly after they found a mummified body that was sitting at a desk, lying on his right arm. Quite close to him was a radio transmitter, which led him to assume that during his last moments he tried to make an emergency call.

Then the fishermen decided to tow the 12-meter yacht to the coast, where police officers began an investigation.

Record of the finding was published on Facebook, where it went viral.

It was learned that the body was of Manfred Fritz Bajorat, a 59-year-old German man who undertook about twenty years ago to sail around the world with his wife.

The photos that were on the boat show the Bajorat family in happy times. In an image you can see his wife (who died of cancer), his daughter Nina and a friend with his partner, enjoying a picnic on an outdoor wooden table. Unfortunately, she passed away in mid-2010.

“The autopsy performed by the regional forensic laboratory has determined that the cause of death was an acute myocardial infarction,” the spokesman for the national police told AFP. The event generated shock among Facebook users.

It is estimated that at the time of the discovery of his body he had been dead for more than seven days.

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