The Breathtaking Docking Of A Cruise Ship In Rough Waters (VIDEO)

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The captain of a cruise ship had to face very difficult weather conditions to dock in Norway last week. 

Pushed by strong winds and shaken by rough seas, the MS Nordnorge pitched dangerously as it approached the quay.  

The wind blowing between 108 km / h and 126 km / h was so strong that even the employees on the platform had trouble standing.  

Despite the captain’s efforts, the ship still struck the wharf slightly, with no apparent breakage.  

MS Nordnorge was docking at the port of Bodo when it encountered very difficult weather conditions on January 21, said MailOnline.  

According to the review “Maritime Bulletin”, the weather was fine when the ship entered the port. Strong gusts from the northwest suddenly appeared. 

The cruise ship, built in 1997 and renovated in 2016, can accommodate 590 passengers and 32 cars. 

It has a speed of 18 knots and a length of 123.3 m.

Watch the Youtube video below …


Source: tvanouvelles