He Caught The Strangest Three-Legged Creature With Swollen Eyes And Unrecognizable Mouth (VIDEO)

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The strange sea animal that appeared on a beach in New York quickly went viral on YouTube.

A fisherman was stunned after fishing for a three-legged viscous creature from the Atlantic Ocean, on a beach on Coney Island in Brooklyn. Then he chose to upload a video of the strange animal to his YouTube account, where he surpassed the million likes.

In the images of the clip published by Nataliia Vorobok appears a kind of elongated fish that seems to have a long tail and that writhes on the pier while turning its tentacles similar to those of an octopus. His eyes appear to be swollen, and his mouth cannot be differentiated.

What animal could be the strange creature that fished on the beaches of Brooklyn.

The man who caught the strange “sea monster” used the Apocalyptic ASMR sound of user Kiyoshi Sasaki to upload the recording. “What the hell, what is that? Mom! ”Exclaims the audio. “Mom, do you see this?”, To which she replied: “Holy heaven! What the hell is that?”.

Quickly, viewers began to debate what it is, and they questioned the animal’s well-being. One person likened the creature with Dart in the drama of Netflix’s Stranger Things. “Put it back in the water!”, Another user reacted.

One user said it could be a line whose fins are folded in a strange way. “Take it to the Chinese, they will eat it,” one person joked. 

However, some have said that the creature is a leucoraja erinacea, a kind of relative fish of the shark and the manta ray. It would be a species that can walk on the seabed, whose habitat is the Atlantic Ocean, so it was the answer that was most considered.

Watch the viral YouTube video below…


Source: RadioMitre