Couple Find Something Dead In Their Salad At A Health Food Restaurant (PHOTOS)

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User Mercedes Conde posted two photographs on her Twitter account that would demonstrate the complaint. This happened in a well-known local healthy food restaurant in Argentina.

A few days ago a couple lived an unpleasant experience when they found a dead frog inside the salad plate they asked for for lunch. This fact, which went viral on Twitter, occurred at the Green Eat fast-food store, specifically the one found in the Dot Baires shopping mall in Argentina.

Mercedes Conde, who was responsible for making this complaint through Twitter, said it was not the first time he went to the store, but the first time he was with an unpleasant surprise on his plate. She indicated that she and her husband were about to eat when they moved a piece of lettuce when they discovered that there was a dead frog among the vegetables.

“Last night we had dinner at GreenEat-shopDot and we had this unpleasant experience finding a frog in the food. This makes us doubt the quality and controls of bromatology and hygiene that this place proclaims, ” Mercedes Conde wrote on his Twitter account.

The fact angered the couple, and without thinking they claimed the people in charge of the premises. They were very baffled and offered an apology for the unpleasant find. However, the woman shared two photographs of her order on her social networks which generated a lot of controversy among the users.

For its part, the health food brand did not hesitate to respond to those affected, with whom he apologized for the fact and indicated that they were conducting an inspection, since, in their nine years of operation, they had never had a similar situation.

“I wish we had something else to tell you, but we are working on understanding what happened, where the fault was and reviewing once again anything we can improve in the process. Everyone here hurts the same or more than you. We keep in touch, ”they concluded.

On the other hand, a Twitter user took advantage of the space to express that he also lived an unpleasant moment in one of the premises. Apparently he found a piece of wood in one of the hamburgers he had bought.


Source: Mag el Comercio