Man Dives Into Swamp Infested With Dangerous Alligators (VIDEO)

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Via Youtube The daring subject went swimming with these huge reptiles, without imagining what his unusual reaction would be when he noticed their presence.

Through Youtube, a video has been published that has gone viral and has impacted thousands of users, because it reveals the precise moment in which a daredevil man throws himself into a swamp full of fierce alligators, who pounce on him when they see him in their space. The incredible clip did not take long to become a trend in various social networks.

A tour guide was in charge of a group of people, who were travelling with him in small boats on a dangerous swamp. To surprise them, he had no better idea than jumping into the water full of lethal reptiles. The terrifying scene was recorded by one of the witnesses and was subsequently published on Youtube and other Internet platforms.

In the first seconds of the video that went viral you can see how the man throws the oar he was holding with his hand and throws himself carelessly into the water. Instantly alligators realize their presence and approach him swiftly.

One of the reptiles is placed a few meters from the man and opens his mouth when facing him. The subject submerges into the water with speed and lifts the animal from the bottom of its body and throws it to another place. A short moment later he takes a few pieces of meat and begins to feed the predators one by one.

Seeing that alligators do not have the slightest intention of hurting the subject, all tourists are fascinated, because they feared the worst when they saw that the guide was going to dive into the swamp. This clip published on Youtube obtained thousands of reproductions, generating all kinds of reactions among a large number of users.

Some of the highlights of the video that went viral on Youtube were: “What fear! I wouldn’t go into a swamp infested with alligators or crocodiles,” ” He could have died, I don’t understand how there are people so reckless with their lives”, among others.

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Source: La Republica