Google Maps Zooms In On Strange Cave Found In Antarctica Viewers Are Terrified To See It [VIDEO]

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He was exploring Google Maps and was shocked to come across Antarctica and ran into a strange ‘cave’ whose origin puzzled thousands of viewers.

Google Maps satellite cameras have returned thousands of social network users absorbed, as it was revealed that such sophisticated teams made an incredible discovery in a remote area of ​​Antarctica. In this unexplored place there would have been a huge ‘cave’ whose origin has left thousands of users in suspense.

The young researcher who made this finding revealed that he used Google Maps to search for clues about an alleged construction found in that inhospitable area of ​​the planet and got a big surprise since Google’s modern devices captured a strange and huge ‘cave’ that remained in an ‘island’ of Antarctica. 

Google Maps and Google Earth are two of the most popular virtual navigation applications in recent years, due to the amazing findings that allow such devices to be made in various parts of the planet.

This time a young American researcher used Google Maps to tour one of the most inhospitable areas of Antarctica and was shocked to discover a strange and huge cave whose origin is totally unknown.

Through YouTube , a video has been shared showing the exact point at which this finding was made with the help of Google Maps and the images have left thousands of users ‘petrified’.

As you can see in the images left at the top of this publication, Google Maps and Google Earth managed to capture this strange hole in Antarctica, which is presumed to be an ‘entrance to a hollow Earth ‘or a ‘military base’. However, it is not yet known exactly what that place is, since the United States authorities have not ruled on it.

It is important to mention that these types of images were captured by Google Maps and were obtained with the help of the highest technology, which is also used by NASA to conduct research in this desolate area.

What the Youtube video below…


Source: La Republica