They Offer A Reward To Anyone Who Can Remove A Tire From Around A 4-Meter Crocodiles Neck

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After some unsuccessful attempts to remove the tire from around the reptile’s neck, the Indonesian authorities now offer a reward to the brave person who can free the reptile.

The Natural Resources Conservation Office of the Indonesian province of Central Sulawesi offers a reward to anyone who can free a wild crocodile about 4 meters long from a motorcycle tire that is stuck around its neck, according to the news agency Antara state.

The reptile has been living with the tire since 2016, when it was first seen on the Palu River. The crocodile survived an earthquake and tsunami that hit the region in 2018, but the wheel did not move from its neck, according to the head of the Office, Hasmuni Hasmar. 

The reptile – which many believe is a Siamese crocodile, a threatened species – continues to grow and is in danger of being mortally strangled.

According to Antara, previously there have been attempts to remove the tire. In January 2018, before the natural disasters, the conservationist and “animal whisper” Muhammad Panji tried to free the animal, and later that year, the conservation office tried to attract the animal with meat. Both attempts failed.



Source: Actualidad RT