Without Fear A Little Girl Washes A Crocodile And Other Huge Serpents In Her Washroom (VIDEO)

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A recent video of Youtube has left more than one in disbelief, to show a reckless girl interacting with dangerous reptiles, which she bathes one by one in the washroom of her home. The surprising scene soon became a trend in various social networks, especially in countries such as the United States, Mexico and Canada.

The young girl is identified as Maharani, she is dedicated to the care of these wild animals since they were born, before the protection of their parents, which their daring action has generated controversy on Youtube and other social networks.

As seen in the images on Youtube, the girl is sitting on the floor next to other reptiles that surround her and remains calm. In the meantime, she dips her hands in a bucket full of soap to throw it over a crocodiles back.

Inside the enclosure were gigantic snakes of different species, a komodo dragon, caiman, among others. These creatures stood still and paid attention to the daring behaviour of their owner after each cleaning.

For a moment, it seemed that the star of the viral on Facebook gave some indications to the reptile to obey her orders, and he moved for a few seconds. On the other hand, he took advantage of the touching of his hard skin from top to bottom with her hands wet with soap and water.

Several viewers stressed the love shown by the girl with her animals and she treated them with love.

Watch the Youtube video below…