Surfer Was About To Collide Against The Rocks When Something Appears Out Of Nowhere And Saves His Life [VIDEO]

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The video, published on Youtube, went viral immediately after surprising more than one with the shocking images of a surfer escaping a possibly fatal situation.

On Youtube, a recently shared video quickly went viral by showing the moment when a surfer who was about to crash with a gigantic rock is saved thanks to an unusual wave that appeared out of nowhere. The incredible fact was not long in becoming a trend in various social networks , especially in countries such as Mexico, Canada and the United States

Viralhog, the page that published the video, revealed that this incident occurred on January 20 at the beach of Meads Bay, located in Anguilla. The surfer is a young American named Ben Gravy, who was fortunate to leave this event unharmed, which is a trend in social networks.

As you can see in the video, which has thousands of views on Youtube, the surfer was heading straight for a huge rock. The young man tries to turn to his right, but does not have much time, since he is very close. Fortunately, this wave appeared to knock it down and prevent it from crashing.

“I am a semi-professional surfer from New Jersey with the ability to find the strangest waves on the planet,” said the young man who appears in this video posted on Youtube that has caused all kinds of comments on social networks.

“That surfer was very lucky,” “He was saved by a miracle,” “I would have died of fear in his position,” are some of the comments that Youtube users made in this viral video. 


Watch the video below…


Source: La Republica