He Is Shocked What He Finds Trapped In A Net Near The Shore Of A Beach (VIDEO)

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Via Youtube The subject realized that a small animal was fighting for his life, so he approached him and helped free him.

A video posted on Youtube has gone viral and has moved thousands of users, as it shows the exact moment in which a man sees a strange animal trapped in a network very close to the shore of the beach and helps him free himself. The emotional fact quickly became a trend in various social networks.

The subject was walking along a beach, when he saw a strange black lump moving in the water. He immediately ran to the shore to discover what it was, without imagining that he would end up discovering a small baby seal, which had become entangled with a gigantic fishing net.

In the first seconds of the video that went viral on Youtube you can see how the man enters the sea and takes the network with both hands. Instantly he begins to pull it little by little to have the animal close so that he can release it. When he finally has a few meters he realizes that it is a baby seal.

After seeing the mammal, he takes a sharp knife and begins to cut the net carefully, because he does not want to hurt him. Despite the noble intention of man, the small animal, with a notorious fear, tries to run away from him.

The subject, who continues trying to save the seal, finally manages to break all ties and sets him free. Immediately the animal swims quickly towards the deepest part of the sea to meet those of the same species.

This viral video published on Youtube obtained thousands of views in a matter of hours, generating all kinds of reactions and comments among a large number of users. Some of these were: “He is a hero. Many should be like this man,” “That man has earned my respect. If he didn’t see the little seal, he probably would have died, “among others.

Watch the viral Youtube video below …


Source: La Republica