He Puts His Hand In a frozen Lake When He Take It Out Something Unusual Happens [VIDEO]

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Via Youtube A video went viral on social networks by showing a strange natural phenomenon that occurs in certain environmental conditions. 

Unexpected fact. Thousands of users of the YouTube platform have been speechless thanks to a video that has gone viral for showing a strange natural phenomenon. The clip tells the exact moment when the ice is able to stretch. This extremely rare event can only occur under certain conditions, so it is very rare. If you still can’t believe it, here we leave you the recording, which are already a trend in the social networks of countries such as the United States, Mexico and Canada.

The extraordinary images were captured by the American user Chance Constanzo and, in fact, were originally published on his TikTok account, @chanceyc, where, quickly, he attracted media attention. However, it was on YouTube, in the account ‘Daily dose of internet’ where it was positioned as a trend.

It was a matter of luck, since Chance himself tells local media that he had no idea that an ordinary walk would end in an international viral video. “I think nobody has seen something similar,” he said.

As it happened, the day he recorded the event, the state of Oregon, in the United States, was at a suitable temperature for the unusual natural phenomenon to arise.

At -1 degrees Celsius, the lakes and other bodies of water in the northwestern region of the American country were already in the freezing process.

According to studies carried out by experts in the United States climate, the lakes freeze gradually; approximately, a layer of ice of 3 centimeters is formed every 15 days followed by temperatures below zero. Simply put: it takes a long time for a lake to freeze enough to walk on it.

For this reason, Chance had the opportunity to run into a lake in the process of becoming solid ice.

That is, it was freezing and, at the same time, the weather was hot enough for the ice to retain some of the properties of the water and be able to bend.

In the images, Chance’s friend’s hand enters the water as if it were gelatin. When, finally, he prepares to climb to the surface, the ice that remains in his palm is released from the lake so smoothly that it is incredible.

As mentioned, the video went viral once it was uploaded on YouTube, with the permission of the ‘tiktoker’. In the platform it already gathers more than 4 million views and the comments confirm that the natural phenomenon is surprising. Don’t miss the clip!


Source: La Republica