Dog Rescues Baby Fawn Drowning In Lake And Tries To Revive Him (VIDEO)

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You will not believe how this hero named Storm reacts to this baby fawn. The video that captured the touching moment went viral due to the thousands of Internet users who ended up hopelessly moved by the images.

It has moved everyone who watches the video that was released on Youtube recently went viral at the speed of light because it was an incredibly moving scene. The image shows how a puppy jumps into the water to save a drowning deer and how, later, he tries to revive him with all his might. The clip has already become a trend in various social networks, especially in countries such as Mexico , Spain and the United States.

The emotional scene was recorded on video by the owner of the dog, who recorded the entire episode and shared it on social networks.

In the images, which already have thousands of reproductions on Youtube and Twitter, they show the moment in which the dog is submerged in the water and swims to the shore holding the weak body of the deer in its mouth.

As seen in the viral clip, after dragging it to the shore, the dog pulls the deer to one side and tries to revive him when he sees that he could barely move. However, despite the throbbing in the body, the animal seems not to react and begins to mourn regretting the condition of his partner.

The moving episode soon went viral on the networks, generating various reactions and comments from Facebook and Youtube users, who shared the video highlighting the feat and admirable behaviour of the dog. Meanwhile, others criticized the author of the recording for not having done anything to help while he was filming the scene.

“The puppy is a hero, but the human who records is garbage for watching instead of helping.” “What a brave puppy, but the person had to resuscitate the servant when he came out of the water.” “Good for the dog, but the other dog only records.” These were the comments that users made after watching the viral video.

Watch the viral Youtube video below:


Source: La Republica