What Is Happening In China? Forcing Pigs To Bungee Jump And Eating Bat Soup (WARNING VIDEO SHOWS EXTREME ANIMAL CRUELTY)

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They celebrated the inauguration of the new attraction and have received thousands of criticisms both inside the country and from other parts of the world through social networks

An amusement park located in the Chinese province of Chongqing has managed to be known throughout the world, although for a very uplifting cause. They inaugurated a new attraction for bungee jumping from a platform located 68 meters high and they couldn’t think of a better way to do it than using an animal.

In the video, which has gone viral, it is seen how a pig is raised to the top of the platform, first in an elevator and then tied to a pulley. When he reaches the launching zone, the harnesses are tied around his body and, finally, he is thrown into the void without further attention .

The incident took place on Saturday 18 and was part of a marketing action to publicize the new attraction. The pig weighed 75 kilos and in some of the videos uploaded to social networks you can hear him scream clearly. BBC sources say that after the show, the animal was sent directly to a slaughterhouse.

They have apologized

The criticism was not long in and out of China, which has led park officials to apologize through a statement: “We sincerely accept criticism and advice from Internet users and apologize to the public. We will improve our policies marketing to provide tourists with better services. “

The PETA animalist organization condemned the incident, calling it ” animal cruelty to the greatest extent.” Jason Baker, one of his vice presidents, has explained that ” pigs experience pain and fear in the same way as people and this disgusting marketing trick should be illegal.”

China does not punish animal abuse by law, something that many activists have been denouncing for many years. The response that the marketing action has had on social networks has been very striking and can be summarized in this message through the Weibo network: “Killing animals for consumption and treating them cruelly for entertainment are two different things. There is no need to torture them like that. “


In other news. They are saying that the recent news about Bat Soup being consumed in China may be linked to the Coronavirus.

What Is Happening In China? Forcing Pigs To Bungee Jump Ans Eating Bat Soup


Source: El Confidencial