Google Maps Shows Where There Are Current Cases Of Coronavirus

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The company created a map to indicate where there are confirmed cases of coronavirus in the world and places where there is suspicion of infection.

SPECIAL.- Wuhan’s coronavirus has so far caused 18 deaths and 571 infected.

Who made the decision not to declare an international emergency because of the epidemic in China, but Google Maps created a map to show where sick people are and places where people are suspected of being infected.

This map created by Google shows the focus where the virus (Wuhan) appeared, in addition to the rest of the cities in China and the rest of the world where there are confirmed cases.

In the same way, he points out the places in the world where there are suspicion of cases of coronavirus, as in Jalisco that there are three people under supervision.

What is the coronavirus?

The WHO notes that Wuhan’s coronavirus is the responsibility of a strain never seen before, which belongs to a wide family of viruses that range from the one that causes the common cold to more serious respiratory diseases such as SARS.

What are the symptoms of coronavirus?

According to what has been observed so far, the symptoms of Wuhan coronavirus are the following:



Difficulty breathing


Muscle pain

Google Maps Shows Where There Are Current Cases Of Coronavirus



Source: Multimedios

  1. 04-02-2020 08.00 at the moment 22.25% more every day. That means :
    24February : 1 milj.
    06 March : 10 Milj.
    09 April : 1 Miljard.
    Many thanks for the 8 Chinese doctors who wanted to stop it in a very early stage and punished by government in the beginning !

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