They Create An Underwater Car To Keep Cool During Heatwave But It Came With Consequences (VIDEO)

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They turn their car into a pool and stop them for reckless driving.

Famous Australian Youtubers decided to transform a vehicle into an aquarium with wheels and it worked … although it will have consequences. 

Internet is that box of surprises in which one can find absolutely everything and anything. But, social networks are also the place where the strangest challenges and the craziest ideas have room for millions of people to see from anywhere in the world, and the one that has been carried out in Australia is one of the most bizarre that is remembered.

It all started a few months ago when Michael Alexander Phillippou, one of Australia’s most famous Youtubers, had an idea: turn a car into a pool and drive with it on a conventional road. The madness fell on his twin brother and they both got down to work, next to a mechanical workshop that was going to achieve the impossible.

It took months to get it right, since all the electrical circuits that a car has to be taken out and mounted on the outside. Afterwards, they were dressed in diving gear which equipment them to be able to breathe underwater and, when everything was ready, they filled the car with water until it was completely full. It only remained to be seen if the invention would work or ended in failure.

A rolling pool

As Michael himself explains in the video that went up on his social network accounts and that have accumulated millions of views, the preparation took several months, but it was worth it. When everything was ready it started and they were able to go out on an Australian road while they were recorded from another vehicle that accompanied them and received stares of disbelief  from everyone they crossed.

Police have arrested Michael and accused him of reckless driving, driving without a license and not wearing a seat belt.

The three travellers arrived at a gas station to buy some beers, since they ironized that they were dehydrated by the heat, and completed the trip back to the workshop without major complications. They had achieved their goal and social networks have applauded them for it … although not everything was going to end well.

As explained by Car and driver, the video went viral in January 2019 in Australia, but it hasn’t been until now that Michael has been arrested by police and accused of reckless driving, driving without a license and not wearing a seat belt, so he faces penalties that can get him two years in jail. One more example that not everything is worth getting attention and some likes.

Watch the viral Youtube video below:


Source: El Confidencial

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