Divers Caught These Two In A Stand Down Brawl On The Bottom Of The Sea (VIDEO)

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The scene, which took place in Spain, was timely registered by a diver.

The video was made by divers during their excursion below the ocean, in general, it reveals an incredible situation starring the sea creatures that live at the bottom of the sea. One of them, who gives the content to this article, shows the fight of a couple of octopus.

This video, shared on YouTube, begins showing two octopus a short distance away from the diver. Within seconds we appreciate that he is approaching the pair of octopus, which begin a tenacious confrontation in which each skilfully uses their tentacles to defend themselves, although one clearly covers the other using its whole body, until he is eventually able to escape and swim away..

The scene happened in the spa of La Herradura, located in the Spanish province of Granada and was registered by Miguel Vila, who would be the same person who provided the clip to be published on YouTube.

“It is a situation that I don’t think is so common to witness, that diver has had a unique luck in capturing this moment on video. Good thing he didn’t separate them! “commented a viewer.

Watch the viral Youtube video below:


Source: Mag el Comercio