While Diving He Finds A Sunken Boat And A Chest Full Of Gold Coins (VIDEO)

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It is viral on YouTube. A young diver gets excited after finding treasure at the bottom of a river, without imagining that everything would be armed. 

They made it ridiculous. Through the popular YouTube platform a new viral video was released that has surprised millions of users on social networks. In the images you can see the moment in which a diver plunges into a river of murky waters, without expecting that he would encounter an invaluable treasure; However, things do not go as intended.

Thousands of viewers were stunned by the discovery of the diver, because they thought he would become a millionaire; Unfortunately, everything turned out to be a hoax. The images became a trend in a matter of hours, and are now viral in the United States, Mexico and Canada. 

The video was published by the user DALLMYD, who looks for hidden treasures in rivers, seas and lagoons throughout the United States. The audiovisual material, which was uploaded to YouTube, has more than 10 million views and 134 thousand likes by its subscribers.

The events occurred in the Chattahoochee River north of the state of Georgia. The young Youtuber and his partner plunged into the deepest part and found a large sunken ship. Both explored the surroundings carefully and found a shattered briefcase among the pieces of wood.

Comments on YouTube were not long in coming, as viewers were excited about the large amount of gold contained in the old suitcase. Both divers came to the surface of the river with a victorious attitude; and they taught a third companion their discovery.

Unfortunately, the coins turned out to be fake, as the Youtuber wanted to play a joke on his partner. If you want to view the original video, here we leave you with it. 


Source: La Republica