They Found Them Eating Dead Alligators On The Ocean Floor [VIDEO]

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Creepy. Thousands of Youtube users were shocked to see the small invertebrates devouring the body of three dead reptiles.

You will not believe it. A viral Youtube video caused panic in thousands of users of the aforementioned social network, due to the discovery made by a group of scientists from the United States. Researchers at the Marine Consortium of the University of Louisiana threw three dead crocodiles into the Gulf of Mexico. Immediately, voracious creatures appeared.

The experts recorded the exact moment when the creatures devoured the crocodiles that were thrown into the sea. This viral video of Youtube has gone around the world by the unexpected discovery made by the researchers of the United States.

According to the details in Clarin, small animals that appeared in the viral video of Youtube are scientifically known as isopods, one of the sea creatures oldest invertebrate that can measure up to 50 centimeters in length.

These ‘ mysterious creatures ‘ can cross the hard skin of a reptile, as happened with the body of three dead crocodiles that were used for the experiment of the authorities of the University of Louisiana, in the United States . According to the Youtube post, reptiles were devoured in 51 days.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that the discovery of a new marine creature has been viralized on social networks . The viral video of Youtube records the moment when invertebrates completely devour the body of crocodiles until leaving the bones of the bodies completely clean.

If you want to see the appearance of the creatures of the viral Youtube video, we invite you to check it out below…


Source: La Republica