She Goes Into A River And Finds Creatures With A Treasure Inside Them Worth Millions [VIDEO]

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The video is trending on YouTube. The young woman never imagined that she would become a millionaire, after entering a strange river and finding mysterious creatures.

Tremendous surprise. In social networks, especially on YouTube, a video has just been viralized whose main protagonist is a girl who entered a river, without imagining that she would find creatures that would make her a millionaire. These creatures hide a treasure inside and when the girl noticed she was totally shocked. The images are trending in the United States, Mexico, and Canada, among other countries. 

The citizens were amazed by the incredible discovery made by the young ‘Youtuber’, because inside the mollusks there were multiple pearls of unique colours. 

The YouTube video has more than 1 million views and almost 2,000 comments from curious users. In the images it looks like a Chinese woman plunges into a channel of ‘dark waters’ and starts looking at the bottom of it.

It extracts a series of large oysters, which she proceeds to clean with great care. She places them on top of a rock and opens them with a knife. Checks the inside of the mollusk with delicacy, and one by one, extracted the pearls of multiple colours.

She repeated the process with six other creatures and extracted approximately 50 valuable pearls. The comments on YouTube were not long in coming, as the viewers speculated the amount of money the woman could earn by selling such valuable items.

Here we share with you the original viral Youtube video:


Source: La Republica