He Devours An Entire Giant Lobster In Less Than 9 Minutes [Gag Worthy VIDEO]

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A young man did not hesitate to eat a huge crustacean, without imagining that this would be so immense. It has gone viral on YouTube.

You will not believe it. Through the popular YouTube platform an amazing viral video was released that has frightened thousands of users on social networks. The images show a young Korean who teaches us how to cook and eat a huge live lobster, without hesitation.

The unusual fact has left thousands of viewers on YouTube speechless, as a lobster of this size are usually not seen. The images soon became viral, and now it is a trend in countries like Canada, the United States and Mexico. 

Jaeyeol ASMR is the name of the channel that published the video, this account has more than 2 million subscribers, and the video amounts to more than 5 million views. Also, this has 80 thousand likes and 5 thousand comments. Undoubtedly Jaeyeol, the young man of audiovisual material, is a sensation on the internet.

In the first few moments of the video you can see him next to the lobster, which is not a regular size. According to Youtube, the lobster weighs 15 pounds, which is approximately 7 kilograms. Subsequently, cook the animal and serve it.

In the YouTube video you can see how the young man removes its tail, which contains a lot of meat, and proceeds to eat it quickly. Then continue with the claws and lobster legs. Finally he removes his head and shows the inside with the camera.

The crustacean’s head and body were filled with a green substance, which disgusted many of the subscribers; However, the young Korean said it has a great taste. 

Watch the viral Youtube video below…



Source: La Republica