Australian Navy Provides Shelter Aboard A Ship To More Than 100 Dogs Surviving The Fires (VIDEO)

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This moving story went viral on Youtube and touched the most sensitive fiber of millions of Internet users. The HMAS Choules ship provides shelter for pets that managed to save themselves from forest fires.

There are hundreds of stories that have been told on social networks after the fires that plague Australia , however very few have become viral on Youtube and, above all, captivate millions of Internet users. It is the case of hundreds of pets that, together with their families, lost everything because of the devastating forest fires in the city of Mallacoota, Victoria.

In the most difficult times for the inhabitants of this city, their authorities were present; As the Navy of Australia did not hesitate twice and decided to provide the facilities of the ship ‘HMAS Choules’ to shelter hundreds of pets who could not find housing with their owners. The ship, more than 170 meters long, received a total of 135 dogs, 2 cats, 2 birds and a rabbit. The post went viral on Youtube.

The officers who provided service at HMAS Choules decided to build makeshift kennels so that pets can have a recreational space, and they worked daily to provide care and love. In short: a floating nursery for pets!

The Australian Navy HMAS Choules ship not only received pets, hundreds of people also boarded the boat while waiting to be relocated to a safe place. The ship was filled with sad and heartbreaking stories, and lives that would never be the same after the fires.



Source: Mag el Comercio