Storm Gloria Ravages Spain With Giant Waves As Sea Foam floods The City Leaving Four Dead (VIDEO)

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Four dead and several dozen injured have already been claimed by storm Gloria, which has been plaguing Spain since the weekend. The worst situation is on the east coast of the country, where on Sunday they recorded record waves in the Valencia region. Due to the storm, Alicante International Airport was closed for 40 hours from Sunday.

Due to the snow showers that the storm brought in the Pyrenees, this morning the AP-7 motorway was closed in the northeast of Spain near the French border for several hours this morning. The French region on the other side of the border is also facing power outages and traffic problems today due to a storm.

As a result of the Gloria storm, especially in some areas of Spain, river levels have risen significantly, high sea waves have damaged coastal promenades and fallen trees have interrupted road traffic. High waves have created huge amounts of sea foam in some places, which have flooded the streets in Tossa de Mar, for example.

Crisis is like in Monday and today the situation in Catalonia, where according to local authorities injured about forty people, many of them ended up in the hospital. In the morning there were 220,000 households without electricity, and after a few hours the supply was restored. Some schools remain closed in Catalonia today, affecting more than 100,000 pupils. The regional parliament meeting today was also translated on Wednesday.

Due to storm Gloria and huge waves, Catalan ports have been closed today for preventive reasons. There are closures on many roads in the Valencia region as well, and trains have also been delayed in a number of areas.

Just off the coast of Valencia, they recorded a record sea wave of 8.44 meters on Sunday evening, two meters more than the regional record of January 2017. However, the instruments do not measure the highest wave but record the average in more minutes. The highest wave, according to estimates of the Port Authority, was even about 13.5 meters. Record waves were also in Majorca, where the night from Sunday to Monday measured a wave of 14.2 meters, the highest since 2006.

Waves flooded the coastal promenades in popular locations and damaged the bars and restaurants on the coast. “I’ve never experienced anything like this. It’s incredible, I’ve never seen such high waves,” a woman in Olivia, near Valencia, told El País.

According to meteorologists, the east of Spain and the Balearic Islands will face storm Gloria until Thursday, when the storm should weaken. The highest wind speed during this storm was recorded today in the Catalan village of Montseny, where they measured 144.4 kilometers per hour.

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