Moments Of Panic After Boat Overturns In Cartagena Colombia (VIDEOS)

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A foreigner, a US Embassy worker. Disappeared. Fishermen helped rescue him.

The Colombian Navy intensified the search of the foreign tourist who has been missing since noon last Saturday, after the vessel in which it was transported turned over as a result of adverse meteomarine conditions, in the Periquito Island sector, in the insular area of ​​Cartagena.

In the emergency 11 of the 12 passengers of the boat were assisted by the crew of other motorcycles that were in transit in the general area of ​​the Rosario Islands.

It was known that the missing tourist is a foreign citizen of American origin, a temporary official of the United States Embassy and that, in the company of several fellow citizens, made the transit to the beaches of the insular zone. Since then and uninterruptedly, men and women of the Caribbean Naval Force are deployed in the area of ​​the accident, performing the search operation.

The Colombian Navy insists that it will continue with the development of the search and rescue operation, while inviting the navigators community to report through the line 146 or channel 16 VHF marine any information that allows to establish the whereabouts of the Missing person.

To the work of specialized naval divers of the National Navy were added members of the Colombian Air Force, who search from the air for the missing person. The captain of Frigate Octavio Gutiérrez, Commander of the Caribbean Coast Guard, said the boat complied with safety requirements and had operating permits.

Gutierrez added that the investigations showed that during the trip to the boat one of the engines was turned off, so the captain slowed down to check the unexpected and that was when a wave hit them and left the boat upside down. After the wreck, other boats, mainly fishermen in the area, arrived at the site to help the twelve people who sank the wave.

In addition, tourists passing by boats captured the moments when the tide is high and ask for help after seeing the boat completely.
After the incident, the fishermen try to recover the boat and the maritime authorities begin the search for the foreign tourist who is still missing.


Another accident
On the morning of last Sunday the Navy evacuated a tourist who bathed in Playa Blanca, also in Cartagena, after he was hit by a boat.

The report states that the tourist was hit by the boat, being helped by other people who took him to the beach.

The emergency was immediately attended by a Rapid Reaction Unit of the Cartagena Coast Guard Station, which was advancing security patrols in the insular zone, and moved to the accident site, where it evacuated tourist to the pier of the Seagulls, in the Boca Grande sector.

The man suffered lacerations in various parts of his body.

The Maritime General Directorate (Dimar) warned on Monday about the increase in wind speed and waves on the Atlantic Coast that is 25 to 35 knots and the height of the waves ranging between 3.0 and 4.5 meters. This climate contributes to the overturning of boats like the one that happened last Saturday and leaves, so far, a missing person.


Source: El Tiempo