They Swam To Shore Miraculously Unharmed After Crashing A Plane Into The Sea (VIDEO)

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The engine failed and the aircraft landed 20 meters offshore.

The two occupants who were travelling on board in the plane rushed to the sea on Sunday in the town of El Altillo, in the municipality of Moya, have uninjured results and, according to Efe sources from 112 Canary Islands, were able to reach the coast by their own means.

Maritime Rescue has been alerted by the Emergency and Security Coordination Center (CECOES) at 09.25 hours and has activated two rescue units, the Salvamar Nunki and the Helimer 223 helicopter.

The two occupants of the plane reached the coast by their own means

For its part, CECOES has received notice of the control tower of the Gran Canaria airport informing of a plane that was flying with engine problems and two people on board and, shortly after, several witnesses warned that the plane had merited some 20 meters from the coast.

112 has immediately activated the emergency resources and sent ambulances from the Canary Emergency Service (SUC), firefighters from the Gran Canaria Emergency Consortium and the Emergency and Rescue Group helicopter that, for the moment, has not has observed marine pollution at the place of impact.

The SUC toilets have found that the two occupants of the plane, who reached the shore after swimming a distance of about 20 meters, did not present health problems at the time of assistance, the sources added.

Firefighters have helped the injured to recover their personal belongings that were inside the plane that, by the force of the tide, was dragged almost to the shore.

The GES helicopter has moved to the area to assist in locating possible remains that could drift and Maritime Rescue also goes there to check for marine pollution from this accident.

The activated operation also has among its objectives the removal of the remains of the plane from this northern coast of Gran Canaria.

Watch the Twitter video below…


Source: La Vanguardia