In The Commotion He Rips His Arm Clean Off Like It Was Nothing (Warning Disturbing VIDEO)

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A crocodile tore off the other’s leg while feeding, demonstrating the danger of these gigantic reptiles.

Crocodiles are one of the scariest creatures on the entire planet, as they are the closest we have to what dinosaurs looked like, since in more than 200 million years they have maintained the same design during their evolution.

Although they are totally dangerous animals, they have become the favourites of millions of people, who go to reserves to admire them and observe their powerful movements.

These reptiles are the terror of all the animals that live with them, because not many of their species are the dominant predators in their environment, but this does not guarantee that they are safe.

Crocodile rips off his partner’s leg

The following video shows us the instinct of alpha predators that crocodiles have, who are known for their powerful jaws, with which they can eat virtually anything.

One of his hunting methods is the well-known ‘twist of death’ where they bite their prey and spin around, destroying them with their powerful rows of teeth, so you shouldn’t even joke about one of those animals.

Even so, there are people who are dedicated to protecting them and even feeding them, but the predatory instinct cannot leave the crocodile, which was demonstrated with this video, where a crocodile loses one of its legs at the hands of another.

He loses a leg and does not flinch

The following video took place in an Australian zoo, where the crocodile keeper was feeding them, but for a moment, when he threw a piece of meat, one of the crocodiles confused the bite with his partner’s leg.

After biting his leg, he proceeded to make the turn of death, tearing it off violently, but the most shocking was that the affected crocodile did not even show any discomfort after losing one of his limbs.




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