He Generously Shares His Food With His Neighbours, Or So I’d Like To Believe (VIDEO)

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A curious Twitter video went viral this week, which shows how a duck feeds the hungry fish, that he shares an area with.

The bird takes its food and puts it directly in the mouth of the fish, who wait impatiently for the next portion. Although, many viewers are saying that ducks need to wet their food first so that they are able to swallow it and that this is why the duck is wetting his food and that the fish are just eating its crumbs left behind. Some choose to believe that this adorable duck is feeding his neighbours out of the kindness of its heart. 

The unusual moment has not taken in attracting attention in Internet users and the Twitter post was seen 16 million times, very commented and shared 366,000 times, achieving 60,000 likes.

Watch the viral Twitter video below and you decide…


Source: Actualidad RT